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The Fiber Difference

MetroNet offers the latest in fiber television technology, high-speed Gigabit Internet, and local and long distance phone service.

So, what makes 100% fiber so special? The answer is in the bandwidth. A fiber optic connection to the home is the technology of the future, able to keep up with the rapid demands and expectations that consumers have today.

Blazing-Fast Fiber Internet

Blazing fast fiber Internet means no more buffering for streamed content like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. With speeds up to a Gigabit, multiple users are able to download and upload, share files, and stream audio and video all at the same time with virtually no effect on performance.

Blazing Fast Fiber

Stunning Fiber TV

Simply stunning TV quality. With MetroNet's 100% fiber, more data flows through the network, meaning more data is being sent to your TV with less compression. This means your TV picture is crystal-clear whether you're watching in HD or standard definition. We also offer Wireless Set-Top Boxes, Whole Home HD/DVR to record up to six channels at once, and Remote DVR to schedule recordings while away from home.

Stunning Fiber

Crystal-Clear, Reliable Fiber Phone

The benefits of bandwidth apply to phone technology as well. Whether it's your home phone or dozens of phones within your business, 100% fiber optics allows us to deliver clear, reliable call quality with all the features you could possibly want.

Crystal Clear Fiber Phone